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Scooty, Motorbike, Scooter Driving Training school/center for females in Dhaka | Pathway

Scooty, Motorbike, Scooter Driving Training school/center for females in Dhaka | Pathway

Scooty, Motorbike, Scooter Driving Training school/center for females in Dhaka | Pathway

Scooty or motorbike is now a common and popular mode of transportation for men and women. Not only men but also women complete their daily work by driving motorcycles due to their needs. 

Especially when fathers are away in the office or on business, mothers who are concerned about taking their children to and from school want them to safely take their children to and from the educational institution themselves.

Islam as a religion never hinders the progress of women, but by following the rules of Sharia, Women can work like Mans according to their needs. For example, if there is no male person in a family, then the woman is compelled to go outside the house to do all the work, in that case, she can do everything by obeying the veil.

Scooty (Skuti) driving Training school or center for ladies in Dhaka
Pathway | Scooty (Skuti) Scooter driving Training school or center for ladies in Dhaka

However, in many countries of the world, including Saudi Arabia, women are allowed to drive conditionally. The number of women who are mentally prepared to drive on the roads is increasing day by day in our country. There is a proverb in English, Necessity Knows no Law. This is the universal truth. Some women are also learning to drive in order to earn a living.


Whether it is male or female drivers, everyone should have a good understanding of the correct rules of road use and traffic laws, only then will our roads be safe. The sad but true fact is that most drivers do not know anything about traffic laws.

Even if they are shown some common traffic signs they will not be able to say anything about them. But you will be surprised to hear that they have a valid driving license issued by BRTA. This is not my own statement; such reports have repeatedly appeared in national daily newspapers.

Scooty Driving Training- Practical Class

Scooty Driving Training- Practical Class

Scooty driving tips: 
How to balance a scooty for the first time, Actually If you can balance a bicycle then it will be easier to balance a scooty easily. You will be more confident to ride a scooter.  How to learn to drive, what are the rules of driving an auto car or a manual car, rules of driving a Scooter, bike etc. You will find a lot of videos like this online about driving training classes. How to Ride a Scooty. Everything you have to learn practically. 


To be honest, practical classes or first-hand learning are more important for a trainee than theory classes for driving. Theory classes are also important for learning driving. If those who want to learn how to ride a scooty can ride a bicycle, then riding a scooter or a bike will be as easy as water for you. After learning the rules and doing it yourself a few times, you will gain the confidence that yes, you can do it. So I think practical driving training is very essential to acquire driving skills.     

It is important to know and obey certain rules for driving a car, bike, motorcycle, Honda, skuti as well as maintaining politeness. Driving politely doesn't cost a penny and ensures your own safety and the safety of others. 

If you show courtesy and compassion to other drivers and pedestrians while driving on the road, road accidents are reduced to a great extent.


Scooty (Skuti) driving Training school or center for ladies -Theory Class
Scooty (Skuti) driving Training - Theory Class

Many drivers get into accidents due to careless driving without paying attention to the surrounding vehicles. In the context of Bangladesh, many unemployed youths are contributing to the elimination of unemployment in the country by creating self-employment by riding scooters or bikes and registering in various ride-sharing companies.


For girls, there is a provision of training by female/ lady trainers or instructors. Pathway has short and long-term specialized training courses for learning to drive a car, scooty or bike. If you search on google Female Driving School near me, Hopefully, You will find Pathway. 


Pathway is one of the reliable institutes in Dhaka for learning to drive. Driving Training Center in Dhaka Pathway's reputation as a driving training center is now at its peak. Our main aim is to create efficient drivers, prevent road accidents, and remove the unemployment problem in Bangladesh.


Honda Bike or Scooty Training- At our training center, we train men on motorbikes as well as women on scooters. Traffic congestion in the capital Dhaka is a daily picture.   Working women, and college and university students use bikes to escape from these traffic jams.


Driving Training Certificate provided by Pathway Driving Training School
Driving Training Certificate provided by Pathway Driving Training School

Despite the desire of many women to ride a scooter, they do not find a good institute where they can learn to drive.

Pathway Driving Training School offers theory classes in a very pleasant environment besides practical classes. Pathway Published a Driving training Book for the Trainee. You can Download Motor Driving Training Guide Handbook Bangla pdf.  Pathway is a registered and approved Driving Training School by Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA).  Even Pathway Driving Training center or School offers Auto and Manual Car, Bike, or Scooty Driving Training courses at the best prices/fees in Dhaka.

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