Road Safety Program

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Road Safety Program Overview

  • PATHWAY Driving Training School
  • Road Safety Education for Students
  • Road Safety Training of Rickshaw Pullers
  • Training for Commercial Vehicle Drivers
  • Training for Motor Cycle Drivers
  • Road Safety Short Film
  • Road Safety Theatre
  • Road Safety Ghamvhira
  • Awareness Through Multimedia Shows
  • Community Road Safety Groups
  • Upazilla Road Safety Committee
  • Door-to-Door Campaign
  • Student Traffic Cadets
  • Road March, Rally, Discussion

PATHWAY Driving Training School

To reduce road accidents, Pathway has started a Pathway Automobile Driving School in Dhaka. In a short time, the school has reached international standards in giving training and has earned a good name. Here instruction is given for a very nominal fee. At the same time, those who are unable to pay at all are given instructions free of cost including helping them to obtain their driving license. All trainees are given practical lessons on car maintenance and knowledge about traffic rules. Every year many trainees have graduated from the driving school and have been rewarded with good jobs both home and abroad.

Road Safety Short Film

Educational road safety short film. In this short films have been used for convey road safety messages. The messages of these short film are about safe driving, safe walking, crossing rules and to discourage street-side vendors from encroaching the road. Children are easily attracted to the imaginative and entertaining aspects of video/flim. PATHWAY produced a road safety short film to provide road safety education on television. Those films was produced that focuses on essential knowledge for using the road safely.

Road Safety Education for Students

Road safety posters are installed in classrooms, and practical demonstration classes on safe crossing and walking are organized at schools. Students are encouraged to share their gained new knowledge with the parents, neighbors’ and relatives. A quiz competition is held at each educational institution to stimulate the learning of the students and to test their gained knowledge. The students receive quiz booklets that they can use to prepare themselves.

Road Safety Training for Rickshaw Pullers & Motorcycle Drivers

The rickshaw is a three wheeler non-motorised vehicle, and a very common mode of transportation in Bangladesh. Pullers of these vehicles are mostly illiterate, untrained and unaware of traffic rules. The rickshaws have no lights, compromising its visibility during night. These rickshaw pullers are put through a participatory road safety training session lasting half a day followed by pasting of honeycomb reflective stickers on the backside of rickshaw.

Road Safety Training for Commercial Vehicle Drivers

This training is provided to in-service commercial bus and truck drivers at PATHWAY Automobile Driving Training School. The module aims at improving their attitude and behavior towards responsible and safe driving through increasing their knowledge. There is a shorter version of the module lasting for a day, and it is held at bus terminals. Digitized and bar coded audio-visual training materials are used in the course.

Road March, Rally, Discussion

Road safety refers to the methods and measures used to prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured. Typical road users include pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, vehicle passengers, horse riders, and passengers of on-road public transport.

To reduce road accidents and context of the traffic law pathway organize awareness program that is Road March, Rally, Discussion.

Road Safety Gambhira

Gambhira song and dance held to raise road safty awareness. These are held at major growth centre and bazaars (and sometimes in schools for the students). The audience is involved to demonstrate the road safety messages delivered during the show and a discussion is held afterwards.

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