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About Drug Addiction

Drug Addicts are a burden for a family and society. Drug addiction and drug abuse, chronic or habitual use of any chemical substance to alter states of mind. So, there is a lot of effects drug addiction to the economy, society, family. Drug addiction affects individual, physical and mental health.

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Anti Drug Activities
Drug Addict
Bangladesh is a poor country in the third world. One of the reasons for the backwardness of education and rapid population growth. Added to this in the present times is a new term "drugs". Millions of youth of the country are suffering from this disease today. Everyone from the family chief to the statesman is shocked today. The pace of youth has stopped. Therefore, along with the government, one of the country's social organizations, Pathway, is working to eradicate drugs to stop drug abuse.
Anti Drug Activities by Pathway
A group of volunteer workers from Pathway is working tirelessly to raise awareness among people at all walks of life about the youth to maintain the continuity of private development agency Pathway's initiative to eradicate drugs.
There are many reasons for being addicted to drugs
There are many reasons why a human being is addicted to drugs. There may be a tendency to take drugs by descent. Also the surrounding Environments and how he developed as a child, what is social position etc. some young men are addicted to taking drugs out of frustration or out of curiosity. The present government has declared zero-tolerance against drugs. Society has also been accused of drug abuse.
Drug addiction changes thinking and behavior. Many people use drugs but they are not addicted. When the brain's biochemical and neurological chemicals change while using drugs, the deliberate use of drugs becomes a forced use. When a physical or mental reaction begins if a drug is not taken in a certain quantity, the brain compels it to take the drug. Many people don't want to take drugs, but their brains force them to take the drug. The level of drug abuse also increased when forced use started. It also involves some money. As the level of consumption increases, the cost of drugs will also increase. So even if the family members don't understand at first, you have to play a big role in taking care of your child. There are many parents who understand that their child is taking drugs but they cover it up. In not doing so, if treatment can be taken in advance, there is no need to go to rehab. The need to go to rehab is only when someone becomes addicted to drugs or dependent. Rehab is a drug addiction treatment center. The first step in this treatment is detoxification. It is a process to heal and keep away from the damage caused to the body by taking drugs. So let's keep the love for the child from the beginning without hiding anything. The child has to be explained in such a way that he does not take drugs in the future. Family members must be much more sympathetic to the patient. There is no alternative. Curiosity is one of the reasons for drug addiction. Awareness is the only way to keep oneself out of this curiosity. Therefore, it is advisable to change the informational thinking and come to a knowledge-based position. Because if the eyes of knowledge are opened, there is no undue curiosity.

Since young children are more curious and take drugs, parents have a role to play here. However, families where parents spend a good time with their children, have more confidence, and have an open relationship with their parents, are much less likely to be addicted to drugs. Many parents freely pay their children, so they get a chance to buy drugs out of curiosity. Just as parents have to refrain from this, they must also have friendly relationships with their children so that they can freely tell their parents about any problems they may face.
The majority of the younger generation of our country is the victim of disastrous drugs. The impact of which is not only drug addicts but also the main reason for the disruption of the progress of society and the state and the creation of various crimes. So private development agency Pathway is working tirelessly to take this journey forward in the country. This dying drug has consumed not only young people but also young women with drugs. As a result, at present, due to the drug abuse of young men, various crimes are being stolen, robbed, robbed, tortured, domestic disturbances and murders are taking place in society. Which is the main reason for deteriorating family, social and law and order. Drugs are available in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, the government has to look harder as well as the society.
Yaba, the most talked about thing at present, soon spreads to the users of the Chaos and insanity. Users continue to consume it despite knowing that its use can cause cancer on the lips, tongue and throat. Bangladesh is lagging in drug abuse. The younger generation has to be avoided from the use of drugs. Uncertain futures and unemployment frustrations, the association and persuasion of drug-addicted friends, the disruption of love, the temptations of drug dealers, curiosity and beauty must be taken forward by the new generation.
The way to get remedies from dying intoxication: Strict prohibition by the Production of Drug Abuse Act. Completely prohibiting the trade and use of drugs. To ensure the enactment and implementation of stringent punishment laws for those involved in drug trafficking and smuggling. To take a quick shot at the implementation of unemployment eradication. To have a beautiful and cordial relationship with all the members of the family with the drug addict. To launch and continue awareness programs on the evils of drug addiction in educational institutions. A massive campaign by organizations involving conscious citizens of society and properly highlighting it to drug addicts.

Say No to Drug, anti drug Slogan by Pathway
Drugs didn't just bite into adolescence. People who are frustrated with not getting work, unable to finish their education, have not succeeded in their career, are not the only ones who are involved in crime, or are in family complications are not the only ones who are being drugged. People sitting at the pinnacle of success are also getting addicted to drugs. There is family finance, even after being at the top of talent in education, they are surrendering themselves to drugs. Many people are turning themselves to drugs while displaying success or luxury.
The drug empire has increased. Earlier, one or two people were found in a quarter who were addicted to drugs. Now almost house-to-house drug penetration has taken place stealthily. We may have known some of our colleagues to be addicted. From motorists, doctors, engineers, newsmen, law enforcement personnel to teachers among professionals, they are now swimming in the black water of drugs. The drug has taken them away. Society and the state have to be more aware of drug abuse.

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Pathway is the best Charity, Non-profit and volunteer organization in Bangladesh. It’s situated and head office is at Mirpur, Dhaka. Pathway always stands with the helpless people affected by various natural calamities. Mainly Pathway is a humanitarian organization dedicated to children, women, and third gender development in Bangladesh.  Pathway is approved and listed by the NGO Affairs Bureau Bangladesh. Registration No: 0778

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