Donate to achieve our goal, help these vulnerable and disadvantaged people get the help they need to survive and fight epidemics.

Awareness Program

Corona Fighter

Raised: $4500 | Goal: $5,00,0005%
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Suddenly the world is reposeful due to corona virus turned into a pandemic situation. The situation has become worst for day labourer,  street hawkers,  conduction workers and underprivileged population of village. They don’t have any savings.  They depends on their livelihood on daily basis income. Today's slogan,  "To maintain social distance" is seems to them to stay hungry with whole family. 

To remiting this situation,  Pathway takes some initiative.  We are providing foodstuffs to 35000 families of day labourer,  street hawkers,  impoverished people of villagers.  But that's not enough.  We need more fund to cover more families. So it’s our urge to the moneyed and rich people.  To think about their situation,  please come forward and help needy.  Pathway is working with integrity and transparency. If you donate,  we will distribute it with honesty to hungry and jobless people’s

What's Lockdown?

It’s an emergency protocol that a state is of isolated situation or access is restricted which can be done by government according to role of constitution.

When any government done Lockdown ?

If there is any emergency situation occurred in any country like war, battle riot or epidemic situation that may causes the situation worsen if normal life goes on, than government have to do lockdown.

What's doing PATHWAY during lockdown Period?

Due to lockdown situation, mostly affected population is day labourer. For this Govt. takes some initiative to feed them. Along with them, "pathway " also trying to help needy. As a part of this, they take some steps to distribute food stuff almost 600 family on Daily basis untill the situation not going under control.

Instruction for Preventing Coronavirus

What is coronavirus?
It’s a type of ‘RNA’ virus. Affected person presented with Fever, sore throat, cough and in severe condition may lead to atypical Pneumonia, affected to lung, kidney, etc.
Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20-30 seconds
Maintain at least 3 feet but ideally feet (1-2 meters) of distance from people with symptoms
Discard nay used tissues in a lined bin with a lid, then wash your hands
Practice social distancing and avoid congregating in large groups. Avoid hugging and shaking hands
While sneezing or coughing use a tissue or cover your face with your elbow
After returning from a high-risk country or region, self-quarantine at home for 14 days
Avoid touching your face, nose, or eyes with unclean hands
If you have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, avoid close contact with others

Coronavirus Dead Buried

Pathway taking responsibility who has died from suspected or confirmed Coronavirus / COVID19 disease.

Hello Doctor's

Are you feeling sick?

Get free advice by the specialist doctor's


Dr. Imran - 01725034748
Dr. Sakib - 01729515910
Dr. Towhid - 0173193972


Dr. Maha- 0173691418
Dr. Rolin- 01720835698
Dr. Antara- 01752876727

Dental Specialist

Dr. Shahida Akhter Shirin - 0174471269
  • Free medical service with experienced MBBS doctor's
  • Efficient support for Covid-19 and others
  • Consult our doctor's at any time without being confused with health problems
  • Share your health problems with someone or your family and get advice

Activities to Preventing Coronavirus

Food Assistance to Hungry and Unemployed People

Relief given away  to hunger-bit and jobless:  Suddenly the world is reposeful due to corona virus outbreak turned into a pandemic situation.  The situation has become

Public Awareness to Prevent Coronavirus

Steps taken by Pathway to tackle Corona virus : Whole world is suffering due to corona virus outbreak and as a under developing country of Bangladesh,  we are facing

Health Service of the Injured Person and Burial of the Deceased

Pathway taking responsibility to inhume the corpses those died by corona: Today’s world is facing a global crisis due to corona virus. There is no such kind of situation


About Pathway

Pathway is the best Charity, Non-profit and volunteer organization in Bangladesh. It’s situated and head office is at Mirpur, Dhaka. Pathway always stands with the helpless people affected by various natural calamities. Mainly Pathway is a humanitarian organization dedicated to children, women, and third gender development in Bangladesh.  Pathway is approved and listed by the NGO Affairs Bureau Bangladesh. Registration No: 0778

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