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Learn To Ride Basic Beginners Course For Women (Scooty)

Learn To Ride Basic Beginners Course For Women (Scooty)

It is common knowledge that appropriate motorcycle and scooter rider training reduces accident risks significantly and makes motorcycle riding safer by developing and promoting correct riding and road traffic safety skills. 


 Consider whatever time, money, and effort you put into your motorcycle training as a priceless "Investment" in your riding in the future. 



The course, which consists of one 90-minute lesson, covers both theory and practical sessions of fundamental motorcycle or scooter riding techniques to build "Beginner" riding skills. All sessions are conducted under the supervision of a certified motorcycle riding and safety instructor. Depending on whether you ride a "geared" bike or an "automatic" scooter, the Modules vary somewhat.

The fact that this is a very basic rider course that simply serves as an introduction to riding a motorcycle or scooter, and that completing it marks the "beginning" of your riding experience, must be understood and accepted. We advise taking additional Novice to Intermediate Rider Lessons, such as Defensive Riding Strategies and fundamental Traffic & Road Safety Riding Skills, after completing this course. Actual road and traffic riding safety skills can only be improved by logging miles on a motorcycle or scooter and spending time in the saddle.

In order to further develop your riding skills and get you ready for your motorcycle test, we can set up a program of additional riding lessons after this course is complete. These lessons would include different modules and skills tests that are prepared based on your individual riding ability.

Although it is preferred, having a valid motorcycle or scooter learner's permit is unnecessary because we do not ride in traffic or on public roads throughout the learn-to-ride to ride the course.



Training Venues are varied as we try to secure a suitable, safe training environment as convenient as possible to where our clients are situated. We have 1 x Main Areas where we do our Lessons, with these being 48/3, BRTC Staff Quarter Market, Senpara, Parbata, Kafrul, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh. Training Venues are suitable for both “auto” Scooters and “gear” Motorcycles. Please refer to our Training Venue Info Sheet for the latest Venues and the directions to get there.



It is generally easier to learn to operate an "auto" scooter than a "gear" motorcycle. An "auto" scooter has all of its primary "controls" on the handlebars, including the throttle, back brake, and front brake. Once a rider has the proper coordination to use these Twist and Go "Controls," in addition to the skills required to handle a scooter, they are generally quite capable of progressing to the next phase of intermediate riding, which includes learning how to ride on the road and developing safety skills.



A minimum requirement for this Motorcycle & Scooter Learns to Ride Basic Intro Riders Course is the current ability to ride a bicycle and maintain balance. We reserve the right to disqualify a Client/Rider from the Course if the Client/Rider does not meet the minimum requirements or if the Client/Rider is a risk to themselves and others. If in doubt, please learn to ride a bicycle first, to avoid disappointment.


There are 4 to 5 basic “phases” of Rider Lessons, together with their relevant Skills Modules that take a Beginner Rider with no prior “riding” experience to an Intermediate Rider, capable and competent of riding in “soft” traffic on his/her own. On average, this will require a minimum of 5 hours of training, assuming that the “new” Rider already has the basic balancing skills and has the required ability to understand and coordinate the controls of a Scooter or Motorcycle.

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