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Driving Training Certificate provided by Pathway Driving Training School

 Driving Training Certificate provided by Pathway Driving Training School


  • Pathway, Driving Training School registered with Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA). (Registration No: 116/2018) at Mirpur. 
  • We do not teach by the driver (BRTA) with driving training by an approved instructor.
  • We try to give the best driving training tie to the students as a result of which the reputation of Pathway is still spread all over Bangladesh.
  • The trainees are given practical classes as well as theory classes.
  • Theory classes are provided through projectors in digital multimedia classrooms.
  • We do not conduct driving practical classes in groups of trainees, each is given driving training individually.
  • The trainees are given practical classes on all types of parking.
  • We provide both professional and amateur driver training.
  • There are special training arrangements for working women/men.
  • In Theory Class we are taught about Traffic Signs, Road Signs, Traffic Laws, and Vehicle Engine Mechanical and Maintenance.
  • Free driving training (conditions apply)

If you search for a driving training center or driving school near me, you'll find us. Pathway Driving Training center or School offers Auto and Manual Car, Bike, or Scooty/ Scooter Driving Training courses at the best prices/fees in Dhaka. Pathway also provides Defensive Driving Road Safety Training for drivers by the brta certified instructor.


  1. Free driving training facilities for working women and third gender
  2. Help for Driving License that provided by BRTA
  3. Provision of training by skilled trainer
  4. THEORY CLASS: Every Friday & Saturday 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM
  5. Scooty And motorcycle training for Female and Male
  6. Get job at the end of the training


Auto car driving training
An automatic car changes gears for you automatically in relation to the speed you’re traveling and doesn’t have a clutch pedal.
Read details about
Auto car driving training Dhaka


Manual car driving training
A manual car has a gear system that you operate yourself by moving the gear stick and pressing down the clutch pedal. Read details about
Manual car driving training Dhaka


Scooty And Motorcycle Training
We provided Scooty And motorcycle training for females and males. Click to know details about Lady Scooter Driving Training Center

List of our training courses and fees

Auto and Manual Car Advance Course

৳ 9,000
  • Practical class-24
  • Theory class-04
  • Automobile-02
  • Total class-30

Auto Car Basic Course

৳ 6,000
  • Practical class-15
  • Theory class-03
  • Automobile-02
  • Total class-20

Auto Car Advance Course

৳ 7,000
  • Practical class-24
  • Theory class-04
  • Automobile-02
  • Total class-30

Manual Car Basic Course

৳ 6,000
  • Practical class-15
  • Theory class-03
  • Automobile-02
  • Total class-20

Manual Car Advance Course

  • Practical class-24
  • Theory class-04
  • Automobile-02
  • Total class-30

Bike Training Course

৳ 5,000
  • Practical class-12
  • Theory class-04
  • Automobile-04
  • Total class-20

Scooty Training Course

৳ 6,000
  • Practical class-10
  • Theory class-02
  • Automobile-02
  • Total class-14

Terms and conditions:

Practical driving training makes each class 20 minutes. Theory classes will be held every one hour. Engine subject classes will be given practical training. Must be present 5 minutes before the scheduled time of training. In no way can it be delayed and No extra time will be added. All students must have an apprentice license learner card during training.

Driver refresher training course is conducted with skilled and experienced and BRTA approved instructors by Pathway.

Defensive Driving Road Safety Training for drivers- Tips For Safe Driving | Pathway

Road safety training for drivers || 2022 || ড্রাইভারদের জন্য নিরাপদ সড়কের প্রশিক্ষণ

অযথা গাড়িতে হাইড্রোলিক হর্ন ব্যবহারে বাড়ছে শব্দদূষণ | Hydraulic Horn | Sound Pollution | Pathway

চালকের সচেতনতা এবং লেন পরিবর্তনের কৌশল | Driver's awareness and lane changing techniques | Pathway


Driving facilities are also provided for the Third gender. Those who belong to this group generally earn their living through begging or by demanding money from pedestrians and shopkeepers. This has sometimes led to altercations and untoward incidents. These people are given free training. Pathway is trying its level best to bring them into mainstream society. Pathway Driving School is a non-profit organization. It’s main purpose is to provide the have nots with a modicum of decency and to give them a chance to live free of want.
BRTA Driving Training E-Book pdf | মোটর ড্রাইভিং প্রশিক্ষণ বই pdf

Pathway Driving Training School Book pdf version

As an ideal driver, You must know the Traffic Rules and regulations properly, And we hope this book will help you most.
Application procedure for free Driving Training Courses by PATHWAY

Application procedure for free driving course

Let us know by filling out the form below. We will start processing your application (in sha Allah).
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Driving Training SchoolLatest News

BRTA Approved Driving School in Mirpur Dhaka | Pathway Auto & Manual Car Driving Training Center

Pathway Driving Training School has gained a reputation by training a large number of unemployed and working women/men in Bangladesh by providing hands-on training for a long time. On the other hand, it is playing a leading role in eliminating unemployment. Located in Dhaka Mirpur, it is known as Mirpur Best Driving School. In today's age of information technology, people are sitting at home and buying and selling all over the world. But the task of bringing and taking these products has to be done by a driver. So there can be no substitute for a skilled driver. Therefore, the demand for manpower recruitment at the government and private levels is increasing day by day. So we are known as the best driving school in Dhaka for creating skilled drivers. There is no good education without good educational institutions which we all believe. Pathway
Skilled drivers are developed through practical and theory classes with skilled instructors from the driving training school in the right manner.

Best Driving Training School in Dhaka-Pathway
There are basic driving courses and basic regular courses for professional drivers and special courses for working women/men. Having received driving training from our Trainer Center, a large number of unemployed men/women are working as skilled drivers in government-private, banks, insurance, and other organizations, proving their competence in the competition as professional drivers at home and abroad. In recent times, road accidents are becoming an epidemic in Bangladesh and other countries of the world. And the only way to get rid of this epidemic is to drive according to the right rules of road use. And it will be possible for a driver to drive if he has passed the aptitude test with training from a good driving company. Pathway Driving Training School provides training with special emphasis on the qualities that a skilled driver needs to have. Nowadays, the number of working men, as well as men, is increasing. Pathway Driving Training School offers a variety of internships for both professional and amateur classes. At the same time, in the case of training working women, driving is learned in a completely different way with female trainers. There are separate training courses for women. Their safety is paramount during training. Many women workers use their own cars to commute to and from work, excluding public transport. So we have arranged special training for all these women workers to get the idea of ​​following proper rules in road use and to acquire driving skills. On the other hand, there are good arrangements for unemployed educated women to create self-employment as professional drivers. Because many people are already working in the driving profession with training from our organization in various government and non-government corporate organizations in Bangladesh and are playing a helpful role in alleviating poverty for themselves and their families.
Pathway Driving Training School provides free training to the poor, neglected, backward communities and third genders of the society, as well as the Govt. In this way, the company is always working to eliminate unemployment in Bangladesh. The courses offered at Pathway Driving Training School are Professional and Amateur Basic Driving Courses, Weekly Courses for Working Women / Men, Basic and Regular Courses for Professional Drivers. The trainees are trained according to the training module. The training modules are- daily car engine check-up, signal mirror move, right-left rotation, reverse and practical training on various parking lots, professional drivers on car engine training. A skilled driver must have a good idea about traffic signs, road signs, road markings and road dividers to drive safely on the road. Must also have well-defined knowledge about stopping distance, overtaking, passing. Because it is important for a skilled driver to have a good knowledge of traffic and mechanics or you will not be able to develop yourself as a skilled driver. In Dhaka city Pathway Driving Training institute provides ideas on traffic signs, road signs and engines to all trainees 2 days a week through digital multimedia projectors. At the same time, weekly and monthly assessment test of students is taken. At the end of the training, the certificate is given through the convocation program.

Best Driving Training School Mirpur Dhaka Bangladesh
Pathway Driving Training School evaluates trainees in a slightly different way than any other driving school, which is why it contributes to the prevention of road accidents by creating skilled drivers while also playing a significant role in economic development in the national economy. That is why Pathway Driving Training School is gaining recognition as the best driving training school in Bangladesh. Yours is an ideal educated driver for all of us is very important. Bangladesh is a very populous country. There is no place to store sesame seeds in long-drive or short-drive in public transport of this country. Many road accidents occur due to overcrowding. On the other hand, driving by incompetent drivers is the main cause of road accidents. Neither the driver nor the pedestrian obeys the proper rules of road use. This is a serious crime. A driver causes a road accident just as a pedestrian causes an accident. So drivers, passengers and pedestrians all need to be aware. In addition, individuals or organizations should keep an eye on the recruitment or selection of drivers. We need to be aware of whether you are hiring an educated and skilled driver. This is because countless people, including students, teachers, doctors, engineers and ordinary workers, are constantly dying in road accidents. They have to give their lives without any reason. Only a skilled driver can save our lives from all these unwanted deaths. Pathway Driving Training School has gained a reputation as the best driving school in creating skilled drivers. Every year on "Safe Roads Day" we organize a special workshop and rally for professional and amateur drivers. On that day, there was a public awareness discussion on the rules and regulations of road use for drivers, traffic signs and other rules. This increases the efficiency of the drivers. Pathway Driving Training Center has a large gathering of drivers on Safe Roads Day. The issue deserves praise for boosting the morale of drivers and creating skilled drivers. So we claim excellence in creating skilled drivers.

Brta Approved Driving Training Center Institute in Dhaka Bangladesh
In today's competitive world, many unemployed women/men are taking up driving jobs to solve their unemployment problems as well as earn a lot of money by registering with various ride-sharing organizations of their choice as a source of extra income outside of fixed income and using their apps. Benefiting At present, the importance and value of the driving profession has increased to a great extent. So since no one is unemployed and sitting at home, anyone can take driving training from our institution and give a smile on your face and that of your family very easily. There is a saying - if there is a will, there is a way. So come to Best Driving School in Mirpur, Dhaka without delay.
Contact us:
Pathway Driving Training School
Address: 48/3, BRTC Staff Quarter Market, Senpara Parbata, kafrul, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
Mobile: 01321232982

Theory and Practical classes: Pathway Driving Training School (Mirpur Dhaka)

Manual Gear Car Driving Training | Auto Gear Car Driving Training | Bike Driving training | Scooter Driving Training | Pathway

Pathway is a private development agency. Works to improve the living standards of marginalized people in every district of the country. It is working to eliminate unemployment in society through various types of job-oriented training. Its main goal is to make the unemployed youth of the backward sections of society self-employed. Pathway Driving Training School in Mirpur is an affiliate of Pathway. Its main goal is to create skilled drivers. A skilled driver plays a role in preventing road accidents. You know what On average, how many people die in road accidents every day in Bangladesh, and what is the place of Bangladesh in road accidents. At present, Bangladesh is in fourth place in the world in road accidents. And in Bangladesh, on average, 18 people die in road accidents every day. The number of vehicles registered in Bangladesh is 47 lakh 29 thousand 393. In contrast to these registered vehicles, there are 47 lakh 29 thousand 393 drivers licensed by BRTA. So we think it is important to create skilled drivers in Bangladesh. Then the number of road accidents in Bangladesh will come down to some extent.

Bangladesh is a developing country. Many people in this country live below the poverty line. There are more educated unemployed than uneducated people in this country. At present, the unemployment rate in Bangladesh is 4.2 percent. When we look at the developed world, we see that they are improving their quality of life by taking vocational education. This career-oriented education includes driving training and beyond. So we are committed to reducing the unemployment rate in the country through training through Pathway Driving Training School.

Pathway Driving Training School/center offers the Best training in various short-term driving courses at a low cost at Mirpur in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Pathway is a non-governmental organization in Bangladesh engaged in the service of humanity. So helpless poor disadvantaged people are given free driving training (subject to conditions). To avail of the free training, one has to apply along with the Director (Pathway Driving Training School) along with the certificate of the Chairman / Councilor of his / her area and photocopy of parents/voter ID card and mobile number along with photo and name of an acquaintance. He will be nominated after scrutiny by our executive committee. With the training of more than a hundred students from the institute so far, they are driving with a reputation in various government and private, bank, insurance, and corporate offices and becoming self-reliant.
Here women and men are given driving training. Driving training is provided by licensed well-trained brta-approved instructors. Theory and practical classes are given according to the training module to create skilled drivers.

* At the center Theory class provides ideas on traffic signs of BRTA, road signs, and automobile engines through digital multimedia in its hall room.
* Practical Class Daily Car Checkup, Signal, Mirror Move, Traceable Distance, Rotate Right to Left, Run Straight from Back? L parking, parallel parking, zigzag test and wheel opening, fitting, etc. are taught.
* With the training of men as well as women in Pathway Driving Training School, they are playing a role in preventing road accidents by driving with a reputation in the country and abroad.
* We have special auto or manual car training courses for women and men.

We provide driving training as well as ideas about car automobile engine parts. Everything you need to be a skilled driver is taught hand-to-hand. Pathway Driving Training School produces 500 to 600 professional and amateur skilled drivers every year. Those who are creating self-employment by driving with a reputation at home and abroad and playing a role in preventing road accidents. Drivers are also given special training on road safety. This is making him a more self-reliant driver and driving consciously with the right rules. Holds meetings/rallies and cultural programs every year to demand road safety.

Above all, I will drive carefully, I will return home safely.
Drivers-passengers-pedestrians, obey traffic laws, prevent road accidents. 

Best Driving Training Center Institute in Dhaka Bangladesh. Best Driving School near me

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About Pathway School

Pathway Driving Training School has gained a reputation by giving training to many unemployed and working men and women of Bangladesh self-reliant by imparting hands-on for a long time. On the other hand, it is playing a leading role in eliminating unemployment.   

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Office Address

48/3, BRTC Staff Quarter Market,
Senpara Parbata, Kafrul,
Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
Phone: +8802-58050955
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E-mail: pathwaydschool@gmail.com
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