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Rally of Pathway in awareness on National Road Safety Day 2022

Rally of Pathway in awareness on National Road Safety Day 2022

Rally of Pathway in awareness on National Road Safety Day 2022

On Saturday 22 October 2022 was observed “National Road Safety Day”. all over the country With the befitting theme / motto ", Ain meney shorokey choli, Nirapode bari firi". (Let's follow the law on road and return home safely)".


A special rally was organized by Pathway, a non-governmental development organization, to highlight the significance of the day. In this rally, there was spontaneous participation of people from all walks of life as well as third gender community. The awareness rally started in front of Pathway's head office and circled around different areas of Mirpur-10 to 14 main roads. At that time placards/festoons and banners with various slogans of Road Safety Day were seen in their hands.

 Rally of Pathway in awareness on National Road Safety Day 2022

Road Safety Awareness

About the significance of the day, Executive Director of Non-Governmental Development Organization, Md. Shahin said, "The road is like a 'death trap' nowadays and I am afraid that I will not be able to go back to my family or loved ones. Such a nightmare has been chasing us for a long time? We celebrate 'Road Safety Day' every year, taking credit for being a role model for development. However, hundreds of people are losing their lives on the roads every day due to various vehicle accidents. Millions of helpless people are running for help from door to door, becoming a burden to the family and the state after receiving disabilities. But 'Bangladesh Road Transport Authority' has been pretending not to see it for ages. Without fitness and date expired cars are everywhere on roads and highways. "Only one vehicle inspection center is operational in the whole country" all the rest are non-operational, here too there is great indifference of the BRTA authorities. Just one vehicle inspection center showing the fitness of cars across the country."

Rally of Pathway in awareness on National Road Safety Day 2022

"On the other hand, BRTA's situation at the district level is more fragile.  Because the services of BRTA are being managed by two or four rooms of the DC office with a small number of manpower. Where the relevant authorities are collecting hundreds of crores of revenue every day. However, BRTA does not have its own building anywhere in the country at the district level."


"He also said that as the cause of road accidents, millions of unskilled drivers showing nominal learner licenses and fake certificates without training from BRTA's approved instructor, all the professional examinees are passing the 10-minute zig-zag test in 1 minute. Mentioning this serious error in the field of skill verification. He also said, " is it right to tolerate such indifference to driving license test in any way?"

 Rally of Pathway in awareness on National Road Safety Day 2022

Why dope test only professional drivers? Dope tests are required for both professionals and amateurs. Because both are equal in road use and road accidents are happening through drivers of both professional and non-professional. So no one should be underestimated here. Whoever sits on the driver's seat? Everyone should drive according to the rules. Many rich kids drive vehicles according to their wantwit by consuming various drugs, alcohol etc. Sometimes people are crushed to death by their cars. He said that dope test is very important for all drivers."


Rally of Pathway in awareness on National Road Safety Day 2022

"The annual statistics of road accidents will make anyone shudder because road accidents have become an epidemic in Bangladesh. Therefore, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians should be aware of road use, only then it may be possible to prevent this epidemic. Besides, 'Bangladesh Road Transport Authority' should increase its attention in this regard."

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